Elite Fitness by Karen

Personal Training and Nutrition Consulting

  • Have years of neglect and bad behavior added 10, 20 or more pounds of unnecessary you?
  • Do you even know what good behavior and a healthy lifestyle feel like?
  • Are you at a loss for ideas and approaches to get you in the shape you desire?

Karen in Nutrition Office You can start the process of gaining strength, energy, self-esteem, overall health and fitness now. Elite Fitness by Karen teaches you how to strike a balance. You lean to balance nutrition and exercise that are realistic to your needs, goals and lifestyle. I have helped hundreds of women and men reclaim themselves.

You know it is time to put words into action but don't know where to begin. I do. Begin with me. Maybe you are already a member of a gym or participate in sports, but find yourself stuck at an unacceptable weight or fitness level. I can help you get off the plateau. A few little tricks of the fitness trade may be all it takes to help you break through. We will find the right balance for you. I will customize a diet and exercise program for you and your weight loss or weight gain needs.

Karen in Training Studio I have a fully equipped private training studio, which allows me to train you one on one. I have a nutrition office that is separate from the weight room. There I develop customized nutrition programs for weight loss, weight gain or maintenance. I also conduct body fat testing which is included with any nutrition program. I provide these tests for those who need a certified body fat percentage for employment (i.e., firefighters and police officers).

You may opt to train with me, or use only the nutrition program or a balance of both. Your success, of course, will be determined by living a lifestyle that is balanced with a healthy diet and proper exercise.