Elite Fitness by Karen


Karen in Nutrition Office As a mother of four and a grandmother, I have struggled with the same body issues as many of my clients - both men and women. Whether it's shedding the last bit of baby weight or saying good-bye to pounds that have crept on over the years, nothing compliments a cardio and weight regime better than a nutrition program tailored to your body's needs.

I have seen my clients break through plateaus and drop old bad habits. Often all it takes is a meal plan that fits their family, schedule and tastes. If the meals are not practical, easy for you to fix and use and tailored to your daily routine, there is little chance for success.


    My nutrition program includes:
  • Personal, private consultation
  • Body fat composition
  • Personalized meal plans to fit your lifestyle and meet your goals
  • Coaching and trouble-shooting for holiday and vacation weight control
  • Private, weekly check-in, measurements, menu updates, body fat composition and weight loss update
  • Weekly check-ins featuring measurements and weigh-in; body fat evaluation; menu updates; coaching

Performing body composition test
using Bio|Analogics

Here's what one client had to say:

"After two years spinning my wheels on the treadmill, in gym classes and cutting calories, I finally found Karen. Her personal training in combination with her nutrition program has shaped my body from the inside out. She's changed how I look at food, how I look at myself and, most importantly, given me the encouragement I needed along the way." Bobbi Cussins, Tumwater

Don't let your hard work be held back by your eating habits. If you are interested in learning more about my nutrition programs, please contact me at (360) 357-3566.