Elite Fitness by Karen

Training Studio

The benefits of weight training have been well documented: stronger bones, more stamina and a leaner, more sculpted body. Many clients arrive at my studio with goals that their current exercise program or eating plan do not fulfill. Other clients come to my studio ready to take the first step to good health and fitness. Either way, the addition of a scheduled, professional training session each week is a key ingredient to achieving results. This approach helps you break a weight loss plateau, or simply get started on your fitness journey with good habits.

    The benefits of my training studio are:
  • One-on-one training in a private setting
  • A personalized training plan to meet your goals
  • Expert guidance on safe and effective weight training techniques
  • Targeted training to address problem areas
  • Ideas on how to incorporate weights into your current workout regimen
  • No waiting for machines
  • No guessing how to use a machine or how much weight to use
  • No membership fees

My 20 years of experience give me the tools to motivate you in new ways. I bring enthusiasm, humor, personal experience and psychological insights to every training session. Whether you are new to weight training, have given it up or are an old pro, I can help you reach your goals. I will customize a training program that fits your schedule and gets you quickly to your goals.


"At forty and never having lifted a weight in my life, I started training with Karen. From the beginning, she made me feel comfortable and confident that I could do this. She designed a training program that was phenomenal. Within weeks I saw results. Shem make me feel that she was personally invested in my achieving success." -- Lisa Brown

For appointments to visit my studio to discuss your fitness goals or to set up a training schedule, please contact me at (360) 357-3566.